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RF EC - Dachventilator



Dachventilatoren des Typs RF/EC sind für die Belüftung von Räumen mit geringer Luftverschmutzung ausgelegt. Die Ventilatoren werden in Absauganlagen in Häusern, Supermärkten, Industrieräumen, Geschäften, Lagerhäusern, Garagen, Parkplätzen und Nebengebäuden eingesetzt.
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Roof fans, exhaustRF/EC are designed for ventilation systems of buildings with low levels of air pollution. They are used in exhaust systems of residential buildings, supermarkets, industrial halls, toilets, garages, parking lots, outhouse.


  • Rotors with backward blades in RF/EC are made of plastic,
  • The base, upper bowl and other components are made of aluminum sheet,
  • Enclosure made of aluzinc sheet, the base/upper bowl made of aluminum (model 355) or laminate (modes 400, 450 and 500),
  • The protective mesh is made of steel wire and then galvanized,
  • The fans a re designed for vertical work and are suitable for mounting on flat roofs where appropriate roof supports can be installed on sloping roofs.


  • High-efficiency motors with integrated EC technology, which reduced electricity demand (lower CO2 emissions), minimize operating costs,
  • The fan motor is equipped with a 0-10VDC control input, which enables smooth rotation control,
  • Insulation class B, protection IP44 (models 125/L, 125/H, 160/L and 250/L),
  • Insulation class F, protection IP54 (models 125/E, 160/H, 200, 250/H, 315S and 315T),
  • Insulation class F, protection IP54 (models 355 - 630),
  • Power - single-phase 230V, 50Hz or three-phase 400V depending on model.

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  • Pst max = 270 Pa
  • Q max = 330 m3/h
  • P max = 34 W
  • n = 2980
  • I max = 0.34 A
  • U nom = 230 V
  • L wA = 66 dB(A)

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