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Die Lüfter der Baureihe GMT finden breite Anwendung in den Abzugssystemen für verunreinigte Luft und bei der Druckluftförderung.
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Fan designed for polluted air exhaust systems and pneumatic transport. Typical applications:

  • local exhaust systems, dehumidifiers, drying systems,
  • transport of shavings, sawdust, granulates,
  • combustion gas exhaust systems.


  • medium-pressure, centrifugal fan with direct drive,
  • aluminum alloy impeller with straight blades (models to 800, from model 900 to 1500 the impeller is welded from steel sheet), dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO1940-1,
  • welded sheet steel housing,
  • rectangular from model 60 to 600,
  • spiral from model 700 to 1500,
  • motor support in models from 500 to 1500,
  • painted in RAL 5010 (corrosivity category C3),
  • maximum medium temperature 80oC,
  • ambient temperature range from -20oC to +40oC,
  • standard RD90 positions in models from 60 to 400,
  • standard LG270 positions in models from 500 to 1500.


  • asynchronous single-phase 230V 50Hz (power to 1,1 kW),
  • asynchronous, three-phase 230V/400V 50Hz (power to 3 kW),
  • asynchronous, three-phase 400V/690V 50Hz (power from 4 kW),
  • efficiency class IE3 (from 0,75 kW),
  • degree of protection IP55,
  • insulation class F,
  • three-phase motors are adapted for frequency converter.


  • different positions LG/RD,
  • painting in a different color,
  • painting in higher category of corrosivity,
  • spiral housing for models from 60 to 600,
  • impeller welded from steel sheet for models to 800,
  • impeller, housing and support made of galvanized steel sheet,
  • impeller, housing and support made of stainless steel 1.4301,
  • impeller, housing and support made of acid-proof steel 1.4404,
  • different motor voltage and frequency,
  • single-phase motor driven by voltage,
  • different motor degree of protection,
  • motor equipped with sensors or additional cooling,
  • radial shaft sealing,
  • maximum medium temperature above 80oC,
  • ambient temperature range below -20oC and above +40oC,
  • belt drive,
  • sound-acoustic isolation.

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